Tim Tebow's poor statistics could hurt NFL Draft status

11/19/09 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Tim Tebow has always had some doubters, based on his horrific mechanics and his complete lack of legitimate skill as a traditional quarterback. But throughout his collegiate career, his supporters have always had statistics to point to, which they could try to use to support their claims that he's a great player.

There's no doubt that Tim Tebow is a great college player. No one is arguing that. But his pro potential is limited. This year, the statistics are starting to point that out as well. Without his safety net of Percy Harvin, Tebow has only 12 TD passes in 10 games. He's still being mentioned in Heisman talks, but there's really no way whatsoever to justify that. And it's looking like the pie-in-the-sky hopes of him being drafted as an NFL QB are starting to wane as well, unless he pulls off a miracle at the Combine.

He's a hell of a college player, and maybe he'll find a way to make it in the NFL. But he's not the Heisman this year, and he's not going to be an NFL QB.
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