To mark the 2010 World Cup, apparently a cow will be slaughtered at each of the venues set to host a of the stranger stories of the day...

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In one of the more bizarre sports stories of the day, a row has been sparked as South African authorities have told officials that they will slaughter a cow at each of the venues which is to host a world cup match next year in South Africa.

As you can imagine this has proved controversial, and animal rights groups are aiming to stop it from going ahead, whilst on the other end of the spectrum, locals are saying that this event is vital for the success of the world cup...The way the animal will be killed has not been decided yet...animal rights groups are campaining for a humane killing if it goes ahead but apparently the traditional way to perform this sacrifice is for a group of men to kill the cow with their hands.

Personally I don't think it should be allowed...why should an innocent animal be slaughtered for the sake of I'm not gonna sit here and say I disagree with the killing of animals because I eat a lot of meat, but there just seems something a little wrong with this...anyway feel free to discuss your opinions below
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