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Troy Smith tells the Ravens he wants to be traded

12/29/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Troy Smith's agent has made it clear that Troy wants to be traded after this season. It's a nice thought, but is that a smart move for Troy? No, not really. Here's his agent's quote, via Twitter:

"Ravens QB Troy Smith, Ohio State alum, native + Heisman winner wants playing time. Ravens notified. Will seek trade after playoffs, SB run."

He's a restricted free agent after this season, so the Ravens can match any team's offer, and maybe get a draft pick, depending on the contract offer. Smith wants to start, but it's obvious that Joe Flacco isn't going to be benched for him any time soon.

There are very few teams who could use Smith as a starter. And knowing that he expects that, it could make some of them hesitate to sign him, since he could get whiny again if he gets benched.

One of the teams that it seems like Smith is trying to lobby for is the Browns. They need a QB badly, and the "Ohio St alum, native + Heisman winner" part seems to insinuate that he wants to play in Ohio. Ummm... good luck with that, Troy.
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