Utah senator Orrin Hatch wants President Obama to invite Boise State to the White House

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In a letter to President Barack Obama, Utah senator Orrin Hatch asked the president to invite Boise State's football team to the White House, in a form of protest against the BCS.

Obama has been an outspoken critic of the BCS, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him go along with this idea at some point.

Here's an excerpt from Hatch's letter:

In the coming months, as you engage in the time-honored tradition of inviting the champions of major sports leagues to visit the White House, you will have an opportunity to honor the best teams and athletes in the country. I write today to respectfully suggest that the Boise State University football team be included among this year's invitees.

The end of another college football season has brought with it a new set of controversies surrounding the Bowl Championship series (BCS). The BCS has crowned the University of Alabama – an excellent football team, no doubt deserving of the honor and attention they’ve received as – national champions. However, as you know, the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) has yet to institute a playoff system to decide its national championship, leaving fans to speculate whether more than one team is worth of the sport's top honor, particularly in those years, like this one, when more than one team finishes the season undefeated. In 2009, Boise State's football team had its third undefeated regular season in five years and, on January 4, 2010, capped its season with a Fiesta Bowl victory over a very good and highly-rankled team from Texas Christian University. Indeed, as Senator James Risch recently wrote to you, "the BSU football team showed the country that they are true champions." Yet, even with its perfect season and long track record of success, Boise State was not given an opportunity to play for the national championship.

What do you think? Should President Obama make this gesture?
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