Vernon Davis now showing full potential on football field

10/27/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

As a 49ers fan, it's been tough to watch Vernon Davis the last few seasons. He's freakishly athletic (runs sub-4.4 40, can bench press a house), and he's a great blocker. But he's had some trouble in the passing game. Well, no longer.

Vernon Davis has become the favorite target for whoever is playing QB for the 49ers, and is the league leader for TD receptions. In fact, he's been the one player on the 49ers who's played consistently well all season. 

Davis has also become a fantasy stud, putting up monster numbers for a tight end, so there's that too.

What's critical though is that Davis keeps this up. If he can, then he opens up the passing game for the 49ers to a degree we haven't seen since Brent Jones was in town. Combined with Michael Crabtree at receiver, the 49ers could suddenly have a potent passing game (you know, if we ever find a real QB).

But I'm excited to finally see Davis starting to become the player we'd always hoped he'd be.
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