Reggie Bush vs David Beckham Futbol Meets Football Addidas Commercial

6/27/07 in NFL   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

When I first learned about this commercial coming out I had low expectations. A lot of staged scenes, Beckham being a douchebag, etc. But it's actually quite endearing to both parties.

The one learning that stands out during this 2:00 minute, seemingly geniune rap between Reggie Bush and David Beckham, is how athletically gifted the two are.

Hmm, I know I'm supposed to say something mean about Beckham ... he does look absurd in a Saints jersey.
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6/27/07   |   Janse

I thought it was entertaining and a long commercial. Are all commercials three minutes long? I didn't even notice it was for adidas. It does highlight how athletically gifted they are and not just in what they do, but as athletes in general. Good stuff.