Violence in NHL Playoff games results in Hearings for three

4/15/12 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

How you view a specific hit on a player seems to depend on what team you are a fan of.

How you justify one player's hit on another also seems to depend on what team you are a fan of.

However, if you are simply a fan of hockey and have no dog in the fight, perhaps your perspective is a little different.  If you are a young boy or girl, learning the game of hockey and watching every game you can feast your eyes on, perhaps your perspective is a lot different.

This year's Stanley Cup playoffs have been rife with hard hits and injuries to players as a result of those hits.  Daniel Alfredsson took a hard hit to the head from Carl Hagelin yesterday and went to the dressing room, and did not return to the game.  Hagelin was assessed a major in the game, but the NHL has decided they need to step in. 

Hagelin will have a hearing this afternoon (it may be already underway) to ascertain if further action must be taken.

In Carkner's situation, it can be argued that he was retaliating on Brian Boyle for the hits Boyle delivered to Karlsson, but are these children? Are they so out of control that they have to react in such a manner?  Boyle wasn't seriously hurt by Carkner's punches, and went on to score later in the game, but he could have been.

The Mike Smith/Andrew Shaw situation was different.  Shaw took out Smith while the goalie was out of the crease behind the net.  I saw it one way, while others saw it another way.  In any case, Shaw will also have a hearing with the NHL tomorrow to determine if further action is warranted.

It's about time.  I'm all for fighting in hockey.  It is part of the game and always will be, in my book.  I am not, however, for dirty hits, head hits from behind, or malicious take outs.   We'll see if the powers that be in the NHL agree.
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