4/4/11 in WWE   |   knucklebuster   |   79 respect

After spending an amount of money to watch The WWE Wrestlemania for the very first  time ,I have to say only this never again!

The best part was the end even though they cut a match. I felt that the WWE wanted to draw more fans to watch another  one of these later all it did was disappoint me and my family.  Punk losing was good, Undertaker ,God Bless the man, he and HHH did all they could. They were spent and he even said to the attendants at the end "pick me up " as they put him on the cart. HOPE  HE is okay?

The fact that 3:16 was disqualified as a ref for his blatant interference in the Cole Lawler match was not only ridiculous but asinine.  The people want Cole "gone"!  The six -man mixed tag team match was a surprise and although I'm not a SNOOKI fan it was fun to watch! The quickness of the 8 man match was just as expected.

The bottom line the real stupid ending was when the "ROCK" decided the winner in the championship match. Oh I know stories to follow but I won't be! This is the last one I spend the money I did for ridiculous entertainment!
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