Wait, What? Tony George Resigns From IMS Board

1/19/10 in IndyCar   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Last year saw Tony George's ouster as the head of the Indy Racing League and CEO of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He still remained on the board of IMS, which also consists of his mother, Mari Hulman George, his three sisters and lawyer and family friend Jack Snyder.

Well, as of today, Tony is out of the board too. He resigned today from the board of Hulman & Company, and is no out of anything regarding IMS and the IRL, save Vision Racing.

I'm still trying to get my thoughts together on this, but my prevailing thought is "oh crap." It was assumed that Tony would take over chairman of the board from Mari Hulman George when she, well, passed on. What happens now? Is this the impetus for the eventual selling of the track? God, I hope not.
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