Washington Redskins finally win one!

12/13/09 in NFL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Once upon a time, a win by the Redskins would have rated front page news, because it would have been coupled with "10 in a row" or some such news.

Unfortunately, the Redskins are struggling terribly this year and this win, while cause for celebration in my book, rated a "Debi, it was the Raiders" from our editor when I wanted to post it to Best of Web.

In any case, it was a win, and it was a commanding one, score wise, with the final score being 34-13.  Good thing too, as the Redskins fans were getting tired of hearing "they lost again, but it was a GOOD loss" as we were told last weekend after they blew a lead over the New Orleans Saints they had held all game.

Granted, the Raiders had to play the second half of the game with their backup quarterback, after Gradkowski suffered a knee injury.

And we'll take it.
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