We Tried But We Could Hold Back The Tebownami No Longer

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The Senior Bowl has had an odd quality this year the numbers of fans and media outlets attending practice has been well above the norm of the  last several years.  As in all years past there have been moments of revelation, players have been exposed in all senses of the term, physically, mentally and in terms of their ability to impress while in an unfamiliar situation. 

Obviously Tim Tebow has generated a tremendous amount of interest in the practices and the game.  For the players the game will offer a chance for either confirmation or redemption, however most of the evaluating ended with the close of Wednesday practice. 
The intriguing thing about Thursday is seeing who still continues to play hard when they think nobody is watching and to see who is continuing to improve and who is still having trouble incorporating the coaching.  Since this series has apparently attracted some female fans I will include a link to more weigh-in shots.
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