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What Has Happened to The Locker Room

12/15/09 in Locker Room   |   JRSFLAME88   |   2745 respect

 I know people are busy this time of the year but the Locker Room is quickly loosing it's fun.  I don't know if it is the "respect' or that so many regulars have left but I just don't feel like it is the same. 

Have people lost their sense of humor? We use to have fun polls with fun comments that could go for days. Now it seems very impersonal.  Some of the comments are just plain rude or mean to other people.

I try really hard to do my part.  Other members have sent me messages saying Thank You. I feel like every day there is less and less participation. I have really tried to give this new Q a chance but  I'm beginning to wonder if it's not time to hit the "delete account" button! 
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