Whatever happened to winning as a team and losing as a team

12/22/10 in NFL   |   Scott   |   53571 respect

I'm sure everybody knows by now about Giants punter Matt Dodge.  Dodge was told by the sideline to kick the ball away from Philadelphia Eagles burner Desean Jackson in the Giants/Eagles game on Sunday.  Dodge attempted to do so but miskicked and the ball went to Jackson.  After a fumble, Jackson recovered and returned the punt for the game winning touchdown which all but sealed up the NFC East title for the Eagles.

After the game, Coughlin apparently walked into the locker room and saw a distraught Dodge "almost in tears".  Allegedly, Coughlin told the punter to leave the room and that he was kicked off the team.  As of this post, Dodge still is listed on the active roster so hopefully, common sense prevailed and that once Coughlin cooled down, he came to his senses and realized how stupid he was for saying what he did.  Besides, if anybody needs to be blamed for their team blowing a 21 point fourth quarter lead, Coughlin needs to look in the mirror first.
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