When Athletes Attack (Other Industries) Part II - Double Team

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What can we say about Dennis Keith Rodman? He is one of the greatest rebounders to ever play in the NBA. His mental attacks on Shawn Kemp rendered him and the Sonics helpless to the Chicago Bulls. His exploits with Madonna are well detailed in his books. And during his career you just never knew what the hell he was gonna do with his hair.

 Just when you thought Dennis Rodman wasn’t strange or weird or crazy enough, he teamed up with Jean Claude Van Damme to give good movies and great acting a swift karate kick in the crotch with their 1997 film “Double Team”.

Teaming a then rising action star with a flamboyant NBA star should have been at the least entertaining. Unfortunately it was not. Van Damme played counter-terrorist agent Jack Quinn. His goal was to bring Stavros (played by Mickey Rourke) to justice. Stavros kidnaps Quinn’s wife (who is with child) which should have made things more interesting (but it didn’t) Quinn’s sidekick was the flamboyant weapons dealer Yaz (played by Dennis Rodman). 

To say that Dennis Rodman’s acting sucked would be the understatement of the century. This cinematic abomination is cited as one of the worst movies ever and it brought home three Raspberry Awards (Worst New Actor & Supporting Actor – Rodman, Worst On Screen Couple – Rodman/Van Damme). After making a film in April 1997 that sucked so bad, you would think (and hope) Dennis Rodman would just stick to dying his hair like a snowcone and grabbing rebounds. Unfortunately, that would not be the case, because in July 1997, he would don wrestling gear and wrestle at WCW Bash At The Beach in a tag team match against Lex Luger and The Giant. He had a tag team partner, and fittingly, it was a man who even worse as an actor than he is:

Unfortunately for all of us, this would not be the end of the Rodman-Hogan double team as they would team up again at the next Bash at the Beach, coming out victorious against Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone.

Needless to say, Dennis should have stayed on the court. He sufficently attacked two industries in the same year and went back for seconds.
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