Who's the bigger motherchucker? Sheed or Toine? The answer may surprise you.

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From Celtics Hub's Zach Lowe:

Not even Antoine Walker jacked 3s at this rate. Earlier this decade, critics slammed 'Toine for desecrating the power forward position by attempting seven or eight 3s per game and making only about a third of them. And yet no one seems to mind that Rasheed Wallace, the C's new big man, is attempting the equivalent of about 10.5 3-pointers per 36 minutes and hitting just a third of them.

Fans aren't groaning with each attempt, and Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers both told the Boston Globe this week they support Wallace's early 3 spree. That's what he was brought here to do, they say -- stretch the floor, open up the lane and play defense.

If Wallace transformed into a perimeter-oriented player last season, that trend has accelerated to a shocking degree in Boston. Sheed has attempted 57 3-pointers in 195 minutes. He has made 19 of them, or just 33 percent. He is on pace to become just the second player in NBA history to play at least 500 minutes in a season and attempt 10 or more threes per 36 minutes, according to Basketball Reference; Dee Brown pulled it off with the Raptors in 1999-2000.

C's fans have to hope that we don't reach the tipping point at which Sheed's inaccuracy outweighs the positive value his presence creates.

It is undeniable that he opens up the floor for others. He brings opposing big men out of the paint on pick-and-pops and makes them choose between diving down to help defend the ballhandler or sticking on Wallace to prevent an open 3. When Wallace is on the weak side, his man takes a major risk if he sags down to help contain penetration. There's a reason some of the team's most effective offensive lineups include Sheed, according to

So far, so good. But can it last? Or will Sheed have to diversify his game?

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