Will the Miami Heat be forced to break up the Big 3?

6/2/11 in NBA   |   Scott   |   54614 respect

Most people may not realize this but the NBA is about to embark on a labor crisis of their own.  The current CBA ends on June 30th and if what the NBA owners say is true about many teams losing money, the NBA may find itself with a hard salary cap that would make it impossible for the Heat to keep James, Wade and Bosh.

Oh who are we kidding, David Stern wont let this happen.  He's making more money then he knows what to do with from the Heat.  The interesting part will be if he allows other teams to do the same thing.  The NBA could be treading into dangerous water down the road if they allow multiple teams to hoard all the superstars.  It wouldnt look good if the NBA was forced to contract a handful of teams.

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