Will the Packers make the playoffs?

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After yesterday's somewhat dominant 34-12 victory the Packers sit atop the Wild Card race at 7-4.  Its possible that the Eagles will be 7-4 after this week as well but since two Wild Cards make the playoffs that is of little concern.  The Giants lost yesterday to put them at 6-5, but seem like a lost cause and not much reason for concern.  The Falcons will also likely be at 6-5 after Sunday and will be the only other team within a game of the Packers.

However, the Packers have a large concern of their own, namely their next five games.  They are brutal.

12/7 Baltimore
12/13 @ Chicago
12/20 @ Pittsburgh
12/27 Seattle
1/3 @Arizona

Seattle seems like the safest bet for a victory.  While the rest of the game are potentially winnable, they certainly will not be easy especially without Aaron Kampman and Al Harris.  Thankfully, the Cardinals may have nothing to play come Week 17.

So what does the Falcons schedule look like?  Unfortunately, quite a bit easier than ours.

11/29 Tampa Bay
12/6 Philadelphia
12/13 New Orleans
12/20 @New York Jets
12/27 Buffalo
1/3 @ Tampa Bay

The first Tampa Bay should put the Falcons at 6-5, one game behind us.  The Jets, Buffalo, and season finale Tampa Bay game should also be wins.  That alone gives the Falcons 9 wins.  If they can win one of their two tougher games (Philadelphia, New Orleans) the Falcons would be sitting at 10 wins.

Can the Packers match the Falcons 9 or 10 wins and make the playoffs?
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