Willie Clark Found Guilty of the Murder of Darrent Williams

3/11/10 in NFL   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

A sad chapter that opened on a fateful New Years Day in 2007, when an up and coming player in the NFL was shot and killed, has come to a close. The murderer of Darrent Williams has been found guilty this afternoon in Denver. Hopefully this will bring at least some modicum of peace to his family and  friends.

Just another tragic and pointless murder. I say this not because he excelled at football, or he played for my favorite team, but he was human being. Sadly this is situation that plays out on much smaller stages and with little or no public outcry. A tragic play that is acted out not only here, but across the globe. Alas it is a problem that is not new to the human existence, but it does not make it more palatable. Well I could go on and ramble, but I will spare you.

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