Wolverines and Buckeyes will feast on each other on Thanksgiving weekend in 2010.

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For many years now, Big Ten football has taken a lot of hits about many things,  one of those being the conference scheduling of all teams game schedules to end the weekend before Thanksgiving. Starting in 2010, the Michigan-Ohio State series will be played the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Many Big Ten fans complained that the length of Ohio State's layoff's between the 2007 and 2008 National Championship games, which were as many as 51 days, as the reason for Buckeyes losing both games.
The Big Ten also scheduled the games to end the week before the holiday so that players and coaches could be with their families, and i'm sure the weather in the Midwest has had something to do with the schedule as well.
Whatever the reason, the Big Ten scheduling the Wolverines game at Columbus for next November 27th will no longer allow either of the two teams to have any excuse for losing any more bowl games because of a long layoff.
This is a big step by the conference, one that is, i'm sure is directly related to the Big Ten's teams failure in BCS games, and NCAA bowl games in general.

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