You can now bet on the Indian Premier League on FanIQ!

3/22/10 in Cricket   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Hey FanIQ members. Just want to let you know that you can now bet your friends on the Indian Premier League on FanIQ's Playbook.

We've got every single game of the exciting 2010 IPL season for you - from now until the end of the season in late April. In the future, we'll be adding international cricket matches to Playbook, but right now, start betting your friends on IPL matches.

So how do you begin betting? Let me show you how. First, go to FanIQ's Playbook. Once you do that, go up to more sports. When you mouse over it, you'll see it scroll down, and cricket will be there.

Then select cricket, and start betting!

Have fun, and good luck everyone!
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