You know who believes Tim Donaghy? The most rational man in the world, Rasheed Wallace.

11/1/09 in NBA   |   guylake   |   321 respect

The headline for this post might make you think that I deem Rasheed Wallace irrational. In fact, I don't. Sheed called out the NBA in 2005 for conspiring to ensure the best match-ups occurred in the playoffs. By best, of course, I mean games most likely to draw large audiences and large amounts of advertising dollars. This is hardly grassy knoll or Area 51 level stuff.  And now that we have seen come excerpts from Tim Donaghy's book, there is at least one person who can corroborate Rasheed's take on the NBA.

Rasheed has long been a lightning rod among fans in the NBA. Most white fans in particular would prefer Sheed just shut up and play ball. They look at his talent, compare them with his career numbers and see an underperformer. Further cementing his pariah status, he is an underperformer who shoots off his mouth and collects technicals like a lepidopterist does butterflies. Though Sheed would tell you a lot of those technicals were B.S.

On the other hand, his teammates and coaches have always praised Sheed's intelligence and unselfishness. Perhaps the less than superstar career averages indicate not a lack of caring but a commitment to the team game, where the individual sacrafices his numbers for the greater good. Most fans will refuse to believe this. It just doesn't fit the mold.

In closing, how ironic is it that Wallace finds redemption in a book written by a man he allegedly threatened back in 2003? It is perfect Sheed and perfectly reasonable. In fact, given what NBA fans have witnessed over the past few decades (Game 2 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals, Jordan Rules, etc.), maybe Rasheed Wallace is the most rational man in the world.
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