You're going to regret that in 20 years

3/1/07 in FanIQ   |   jpeepz   |   respect

FanIQ is a home for the sports obsessed. But Sports Illustrated recently did a story on the truly obsessed (also known as "crazy") fans. Fans that want to permanently express their love for their team on their bodies with ink. From a man who has Buddy Ryan's autograph tattooed on his back to a lovely young woman with a Raiders tramp stamp, the gallery covers the ins and outs of sports-related tattoos.

But what is the most shocking (sad?) is the man with the words "I slept with Shaq" tattooed on his forehead. Apparently, he got the tattoo for tickets to an NBA Finals game a few years back.

That's gotta go really well with the ladies.
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