and twins make 6!

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Well March brought lots of new things..a lock out,and babies! Eli and Abby delivered March 12th and welcomed their first child a daughter,Ava(who looks just like her DADDY!) On March 31st,Peyton and his wife deliver twins, aboy and a girl. Coops already has 3,so it isnt a first for Archie and Olivia, but it is the first that looks just like olivia:)...Eli looks just like his mother, so baby ava looks like gramma. Along with the delivery of Peyton and his wife's twins, ritchie & jodi Seubert had a baby girl as well Hailey. We still think rich changed the delivery time to after midnight,because he wanted his daughter to have her own day,as Rich's birthday is March 30th!  Congrats to the Mannings and Seuberts on the new additions!
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