Cincy SHOULD Play Alabama

12/8/09 in Aussie Rules Football   |   phillydeac4life   |   20 respect

The purpose of this article is to prove why Cincinnati deserves to play Alabama in the National Title Game. First, I need to expla...

Geelong Win The AFL Grand Final For The 2nd Time In 3 Years.

9/26/09 in Aussie Rules Football   |   bonacci_91   |   27 respect

After having to wait 44 years for a breakthrough Grand Final win in 2007, Geelong has won its 2nd Grand Final in 3 years with a gritty 12 point win...

Aussie Rules Player Caught Changing Votes On Camera

8/15/09 in Aussie Rules Football   |   bonacci_91   |   27 respect

It sounds like something that would happen on a TV series, but no-one would have predicted this to actually happen. Mirboo North player, Joe Bordan...

Daniel Motlop Does What Most Of Us Wish We Could Do... At Training.

5/24/09 in Aussie Rules Football   |   bonacci_91   |   27 respect

Not many on here may know much about Aussie Rules Football, but this just shows what some of our players are capable of. If only it was during a ...

Hawthorn Finally Win a GAME

4/12/09 in Aussie Rules Football   |   rooboy007   |   respect

Yersterday Hawthorn win their first game of the AFL Toyota season after thrashing the kangaroos.( North Melbourne.) tHey haven't won a game since ...

The Country Of Australia Would Like You To Know That All Of Your Favorite Sports Are For Pansies.

3/26/09 in Aussie Rules Football   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

I have no idea how to play Aussie Rules football. I know it's somewhere between rugby and soccer, but I'm not all that well-versed in thos...


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The Carlton Blues Could Probably Take Some Tips From The Yankees On Team Chemistry

2/8/09 in Aussie Rules Football   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Aussie Rules football has always been a little rougher than your average game of soccer. Down in Australia, they do it a bit differently...

Done & Dusted - Ben Cousins is a Tiger

12/15/08 in Aussie Rules Football   |   bonacci_91   |   27 respect

Earlier today, Richmond drafted Ben Cousins in the Pre-Season Draft. It was their only pick as their submission to place Graham Polak on the Rookie...

Follow up - Ben will most likely not be coming to Tigerland

12/15/08 in Aussie Rules Football   |   bonacci_91   |   27 respect

Today, the AFL denied Richmond's request to put injured defender Graham Polak on the Rookie List for Season 2009. As a result, the Tigers will only...

Ben Cousins To Tigerland?

12/13/08 in Aussie Rules Football   |   bonacci_91   |   27 respect

As many Aussie Rules fans would know, Richmond is currently attempting to give fallen West Coast Eagle star & 2005 Brownlow Medalist, Ben Cousi...

Matthew Richardson

12/12/08 in Aussie Rules Football   |   shagga_21   |   respect

The Best player in the AFL right about now i would say has dominated last season been moved up onto the wing and been getting alot of the ball aswe...

Looks Like Australian Men Pick Up Women Differently Than American Men

9/3/08 in Aussie Rules Football   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

In Australia, they take their Football, very seriously. Almost as seriously as we do here in America. The first Monday after the regular...

The Australian Football League Teaches You How To Respect Women, Or Be a Sexual Deviant

2/21/08 in Aussie Rules Football   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

You know, it's tough out there for a pro athlete, what with women throwing themselves all over you in an attempt to get you in the sack. You a...