Blue Jays and White Sox trade Jackson and Teahen for Frasor and Stewart

Jays and White Sox make four-player deal

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Blue Jays have signed starter Edwin Jackson and third baseman Mark Teahen in exchange fore reliever Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart from White Sox. In a recent press release officials of both teams confirmed the swap deal, snuffing rumors that the exchange had also involved money.

Jackson is used to trading by now, having experienced it 4 times before. Nevertheless, the money free trade wasn't the most surprising news of the day; it rather was that the Blue Jays, 11 games out in the wild card, got their impending free agent.

According to rumors, Jackson might see another trade move, this time to the Cardinals and the deal may also involve Colby Rasmus. The 27-year-old Jackson has a 3.92 ERA, 7.2 K/9, 2.9 BB/9, 0.59 HR/9 and 46.9% groundball rate. He has recorded that in his 121 2/3 innings this season. Surprisingly, this makes him one of the best starters available; however, his inconsistent form has made him less favorable.

Analysts have concluded that Jackson will be part of the free agency at the end of this season. Reaching the peak of his career, this assumption is most likely to occur as Jackson will attempt his last swing to stabilize a turbulent career.

Word around the block suggests Jackson will continue as a Scott Boras client (free agent) and is likely to enter the market as a Type B. Currently Jackson has around $2.9 MM left in his contract this year.

On the other hand, Teahen is worst off than Jackson for the team. He has approximately $7.2 MM remaining in his contract till 2012. Teahen, 29 years, is currently striking a .203/.277/.305 in his 130 caps this year.

Most analysts were confounded by the interest the White Sox showed in the players. They were even more curious by the decision of the Blue Jays. Nonetheless, analysts were impressed by the latest news from White Sox camps.

After making the peculiar signings, White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf is planning to cut down salaries and make cutbacks. Experts have calculated that when the White Sox work out their new plan they will be saving around $9 MM over the span of 2 years. However the cutbacks will revolve around their two new signings: Frasor and Stewart.

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