Dramatic increase in NHL salaries since last Lockout

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In recent times many allegations have been brought on Gary Bettman but he has cleverly evaded them all. Now once again media is linking him to monetary cases; however, let’s not devour into the blame game and rather focus on the facts.

One such fact is that if Mr. Bettman was playing for a team rather than being an NHL commissioner then he would have been the 18th highest paid player in NHL history. Bettman certainly won’t mind gearing up in a uniform and having his name carved in stone more over his earnings would put him ahead of legends like Rick Nash, Marian Gaborik and Scott Gomez.

In some cases Bettman might actually acquire more fame than these players. Well in comparison to Gomez he would most certainly be able to present media with a larger quantity of outrageous stories.

Lately it has been noticed by sports analysts and experts that the salaries in sports businesses have been increasing nearly exponentially. According to a report published by Sports Business Journal, now it’s not the just the players who are earning their dreamed amount of money, their associates too are now playing in gold.

SBJ enlightened that the salaries in all sports including NHL have been skyrocketing in recent years. They revealed that their analysis was based on the tax fillings of players and their associates.

Sources claim that since the 2004-2005 lock out, salaries in NHL have been increasing at an alarming rate. SBJ told that Bettman’s salary has actually doubled since then. According to figures Bettman earned $3.7 million back then. Now however the amount has risen to an astonishing $7.5 million. Actually that is amount of money he made directly in the 2009-10 season, this time round who knows what the figure is?

The tax fillings also revealed that Bettman’s compensation was up by 4% over the last fiscal year. With all this information you must be wondering if that is the reason why Bettman smiles even when he is being booed.

The facts and figures show that Bettman’s base salary was $5,787,524 while he received $826,369 in other compensation. He received $877,597 in deferred compensation and $25,988 in benefits.

The report also showed that the salary of Bill Daly, NFL’s Deputy Commissioner was also raised. The figure was raised by 7.4% making it just over $2 million. With a jaw dropping 35.5% raise to $1.2 million, NHL’s Chief Operating Officer, John Collins must be dancing head over heels because of his progress. Here it must be noted that these figures were taken from the fiscal year of 2010 with finished on 30th June last year.

A bigger picture of the saga also shows some interesting facts. Since the lockout, the total revenue of the League has increased from a massive $2.1 billion to $2.9 billion. In the same time period there has also been a gigantic growth in NHL’s salary cap which has boosted from $39 million per team to an astonishing $64.3 million.

Ironically, Bettman’s salary is much lower than the other Big Four sports. The commissioner of Baseball (MLB), Bud Selig pockets $18.35 million. On the other hand the Football commissioner (NFL), Roger Goodell earns $10.9 million. Similarly the commissioner of Basketball (NBA), David Stern pulls in around $10 million.

The SBJ report also informed that the salaries of top NHL executives were increased at a rate of 10% to accommodate for the expenses in the League. The salary of employees was also raised by 19.6% making it a total of $24.4 million.

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