LA Lakersí forward Ron Artest plans to play in United Kingdom
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Artest tweets desires to go overseas to play during NBA Lockout

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Even as we discuss it, or rather the whole media discusses it, Ron Artest would be sitting back relaxing in his gigantic chair at his home Los Angeles and wondering if his last tweet was a mistake. He must be reasoning if it’s too late to delete now and if it is (which actually is) then he should prepare a good explanation for his actions to his family members.

The reason for all the trouble was a twitter account update from Artest. The 31-year-old Los Angeles Lakers player tweeted that he would like to play basketball in the top British league. Since then, media has been on fire trying to relate British outfits with Artest.

Former LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson was probably laughing his heart out when he learned about the latest trouble his ex-player has gotten himself into this time. So might half of the experts who agree that the information provided by Artest is nothing more than a misjudged and misdirected comment from Artest.

It’s not just the American media that has refused to drop the idea of Artest travelling abroad but the British media too is spreading news of Artest’s predicted arrival in United Kingdom. The fact of the matter is Artest would have probably been bored to death with the NBA lockout continuing to increase players’ miseries. In the midst of this, Artest would have viewed a report on his team mate Kobe Bryant who is speculated to make a move to Turkey. Artest would have thought why not let’s give the transfer saga a personal try but as the results would tell him now, Artest lacked a few basic ingredients to the tale, for instance - actual interest from a foreign team.

Sources in United Kingdom have revealed that the English club, Cheshire Jets is on the verge of claiming Artest’s services. Their director Pete Hawkins has informed of a verbal agreement between representatives of the player and clubs. However, the whole matter in terms of proof and detail is quite sketchy.

If Artest is able to pull the rabbit out of the hat and wander off to a club in BBL (British Basketball League) then Artest’s career would be given a good boost. This would not be the first time players have shown intentions of joining foreign clubs. Just a few weeks ago, Kobe Bryant reportedly showed interest in playing for Turkish club, Besiktas. LeBron James was also part of the transfer saga. James himself told media he could even join Thailand. Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony have also shown interest in signing up for China.


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