Liverpool and Steven Gerrard, A bond bound to strengthen

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Liverpool and Steven Gerrard, A bond bound to strengthen

It would not take a die-hard Liverpool fan to admit that the soul of Liverpool can easily be described with the essence of Steven Gerrard’s character. The player has been the backbone of Reds ever since his arrival to Anfield, instantly becoming the favorite son of Kop.

The English international has helped Liverpool through hard times, therefore is rightly hailed as the savior of Red’s Merseyside. Anfield’s football legacy has been hazy for the past couple of seasons, in spite of that, the 30-year-old Gerrard has shown utmost devotion to his childhood club and in the process fought tooth and nail with destiny to help them achieve better.

Liverpool’s dismissive form gave top notch clubs an opportunity to lure in the loyal Red. A few seasons back, Chelsea made a brave effort to sign in a relatively young Gerrard. The aggressive move nearly saw him fall into Stamford Bridge alongside Frank Lampard in the midfield, but passion for LFC forced Gerrard to extend his contract.

Even though Blues were unable to ink a deal with a Gerrard, for them the revolution had begun as they challenged the might Liverpool’s bitter fierce rivals, Manchester United. To counter the effect Red Devils showed interest in acquiring Gerrard’s services. As competition between the two English Premier League giants increased, Red Devils decided to break their banks for Gerrard. This commotion eventually caused instability in the football market with outrageous bids flying in from both ends.

Nonetheless transfer attempts by both English outfits failed to materialize as Gerrard’s entrance into the football market had brought forth international interest. Soon enough Liverpool officially announced Gerrard’s arrival into the football market. However the price tag on him made sure only the wealthiest clubs could afford him.

Underdog clubs sat at the end of a rainbow seeking a miraculous pot of gold to close the deal but alas none succeeded. Real Madrid soon became front runners in the race to sign Gerrard. Los Blancos were eager to cash in their chips for the English player but feelings for Reds had Gerrard declining the offer yet again. This time however the English international made the ultimate sacrifice by selflessly committing his future to the Merseyside.

During the 2009-10 season, Liverpool finished 7th in English Premier League as Chelsea took home the trophy-glory. Surprisingly, Reds’ performance continued to deteriorated although they had finished 2nd in League last season. Manchester United kissed the coveted English trophy next season leaving Reds in utter disbelief at their luck.

In the summer of 2009-10, Lady Luck deserted Reds’ Merseyside causing LFC to plummet into financial troubles. Tom Hicks and George Gillett were owners of the club back then and due to their negligence and lack of concern for Reds’ form the club continued to suffer.

They had already refused to invest in Anfield forcing manager Rafael Benítez to pack his bags and leave. New arrival came in the form of former Fulham boss Roy Hodgson who managed to retain the services of Gerrard when the True Red was about to ink a contract with a Jose Mourinho led Real once again.

In spite of Gerrard being labelled as a one man army, he could only manage so much. For Liverpool he was back at the 11th hour once again even though many had started to abandon the sinking ship. Gerrard later admitted that Liverpool Football Club was experiencing its worst form yet but he saw light at the end of the tunnel, which is why he returned to his beloved home.

At last the last thread broke Liverpool loose from their 2007 owners. New ambitious financers came to camp in England and instantly began the development process. They came in shape of the New England Sports Ventures and immediately went on a spending spree. Their appearance changed atmosphere of the Merseyside, re-establishing trust in Scouse once again. The NESV cleverly made Gerrard the poster boy of their new rejuvenated campaign capturing the hearts of many lost Kopites.

Nevertheless complacency and stagnant form was drowning them like the once Liverpool-docked Titanic. Tactically, Liverpool manager Hodgson was failing embarrassingly which had turned the Scouse against him. Though he had inherited a squad that had fallen apart in unity and most of its players were either out of form or had injury issues, in general his approach on field and strategies were sinking them further down the pit and into the relegation zone.

All this finally brought forth the long awaited return of King Kenny. The former Liverpool player, Kenny Dalglish took hold of Anfield’s throne and immediately set off to a flying start, rejuvenating the club from its ashes. The legendary Red made Gerrard the pivot of Liverpool’s turnaround hailing him as the face of Merseyside’s reignited spirit.

Upon his arrival he claimed Liverpool had lost its characteristic harmony therefore one of his main objectives would be to bring back traits the club had lost in time. So far he has utilized Gerrard’s charismatic nature to great effect so he does seem to be on the right track.

With the summer transfer window open once again, all Kopites are dreading the day an offer would approach for their favorite player, Gerrard. The player was in search of Champions League action before and truth be told the midfielder deserves it, nonetheless Gerrard has hinted that he would rather shoulder it with his own Red blood.

With Liverpool’s midfield proving to be their Achilles’ heel, Gerrard will have Herculean task at hand; to bring LFC back on top of the EPL table. Nonetheless all cannot be achieved in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, after all Rome wasn’t built in day. A patient wait will be required for Liverpool to shine once again but when the Merseyside does reach back to its lost glory days, Scouse will be hoping Gerrard was at the epicenter of it.

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should preserve him in ice while we have the chance!!!!!!!