Mark Webber claims Red Bull is not fast enough
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Mark Webber blames car for slow race

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A dejected Mark Webber had to finish behind British prodigy Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s star Fernando Alonso in the Formula One German Grand Prix. Webber was least amused by his performance, admitting he was not the best man on track.

However, he partly blamed his car for the failure. Webber told media that the Red Bull he was driving at the German circuit this weekend was simply not quick enough to claim victory. Webber called upon his team to make adjustments to the car so that he could improve in rest of the season.

Even though Webber was able to beat his team mate Sebastian Vettel, the Australian was unhappy with his performance. For the first time this season Webber had finished ahead of Vettel who is currently leading the table and favorite to win the 2011 season.

Webber’s claims will be given a thorough look as Red Bull was falling short of McLaren and Ferrari throughout the race. For the first time this season Vettel was not on the podium. On the other hand his team mate, Webber twice led the race however was unable to capitalize on it.

Webber mainly lost the lead being serviced in the pit. Later the 34-year-old explained that his car just didn’t have the pace required to take victory on the track. In his post match press release Vettel stated, “We weren't quick enough today. I think I did everything I could, I was happy with the way I drove but these guys had that little extra margin especially at the back part of the stint. They had a little bit more range and that left us a little bit exposed on strategy.”

In spite of the weakness, Webber is certain Red Bull can find out the flaws and fix them. He continued, “We know what we've got to improve on. I couldn't have got much more from what we had today. I'm disappointed, of course, not to get the win, but all three of us had a smooth day really and a good fight around the stops. So mixed emotions, it's another good result and you need to perform at a high level to get these, but we'll keep learning and the progress has been decent but we need to improve.”

Webber last acquired victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2010, a season where he finished 3rd with 242 points. Presently there are 9 races left in the season and team mate Vettel has the lead with 216 points on the board. Webber is 2nd with 139 and Hamilton is following with 134. Alonso is closing in on the gang with 130 points.

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