Miami Heat ready to make shocking signings of Grant Hill and Tayshaun Prince

Miami Heat prepare to sign another big name

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Rife rumors are on the loose suggesting the Miami Heat are aiming to make changes to their squad with a big signing. Sources have revealed that the object of interest is Grant Hill, who formerly used to play for Phoenix Suns.

This comes as quite a surprise, as no one speculated the 38-year-old veteran to make a move. Officials have confirmed that representatives from both sides are interested in a deal and willing to sit at the table for further negotiations.

Analysts are flabbergasted to comment on the situation as a whole. They are unable to loosen up the knots in the scenario to have a better look at it. Most of them are unable to comment, questioning Heat’s need to sign in a risky aged player or why Hill jumped off the Suns’ ship. Therefore, experts are confounded whether Heat might lose more in the aftermath of this deal if Hill has drawn the shorter straw by abandoning the Suns.

The fact that the Heat are willing to sign Hill at the end of his career is quite incomprehensible. Moreover, Hill was playing beautifully for the Suns, having adjusted beautifully amidst their ranks. Sure there were a few bumps on the road but most fans expected him to end his career with them.

Nonetheless media reports are undeniable regarding the interest shown by both sides. According to a tweet related to Miami Heat, “The #Heat have also expressed interest in Tayshaun Prince, and Grant Hill. Fair to say they are looking for a veteran, winning presence.”

This does partly explain Heat’s need for a veteran, but it does not clarify why Hill is a free agent. Nevertheless, if Hill and Prince are signed by the Heat their contribution towards the team cannot be guaranteed, but then again they aren’t being signed to play in the starting lineup.

Miami Heat are actually trying to fill in their void of experience; a void that cannot be filled by players like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. If Miami is signing the duo to add experience to their squad, then the players can most certainly be displayed perfectly on the roster; however, if the move is made to increase depth in the squad, then the signings are expected to meet failure.

Hill has been part of the playoffs 7 times, accomplishing that twice with the Suns. He also has recorded an impressive average of 13.6 points per game in the postseason. For Hill, it can be assumed that he was on his way to hang up his boots, but an attractive offer from Miami Heat simply couldn’t be ignored.

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Can you name 4 Miami bench players off the top of your head? one. two. three. Go!..................How many? If Grant Hill was on it, you'd at least know one. People still know who he is.

oh. and I know every player on the team but could only name 2 immediately, but I would've known Grant Hill. LOL

7/29/11   |   Tiger_Pride2   |   3287 respect

The headline said "Another Big Name". Since when is Grant Hill a big name. It's not the 90's anymore.

7/29/11   |   kobe_lova   |   61941 respect

As some queer bear once said....Oh, bother..

7/29/11   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

Kenne wrote:
He's just chasing after a ring, hopefully one he won't get with Miami. I can't see him being a significant part of this team anyways.

Quality player that deserves one...I think he can snag 1, 2 ,3 ,4 5, 6, 7, hahaha

7/28/11   |   Kenne   |   15952 respect

He's just chasing after a ring, hopefully one he won't get with Miami. I can't see him being a significant part of this team anyways.