Miami Heatsí Dwyane Wade joins Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul to search for action in China

Dwyane Wade joins Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul to search for action in China

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Hope for the NBA season to start is fading fast, especially after the NBA commissioner, David Stern confessed there was a strong chance the NBA season will be cancelled this year. This unfortunate news has forced more and more players to search the foreign market for playing opportunities. The latest player to enter the hunt is Miami Heats’ star guard, Dwyane Wade.

The NBA star, Wade has not been in contact with foreign clubs yet, although his agent might have been at the table of a couple. In a recent press release, Wade’s agent, Henry Thomas confirmed that belief when he admitted that he indeed could pull up some strings and enter in to discussions with foreign clubs who would be more than willing to sign the iconic USA player.

While talking to media, Thomas said that he had not been in contact with other clubs as yet but he knew Chinese clubs were very interested to negotiate for Wade. Thomas also stated that he knew for a fact that Wade would be willing to play in China. On Wade’s account Thomas also declared that if the NBA lockout continued then there was a very strong possibility that his client could enter the foreign market.

Thomas stated on the issue saying, “If offers are made down the road, will they be looked at? Absolutely.” Now, Wade has entered ranks with Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul who also claim to make a possible move to China if the NBA lockout remains unresolved.

On the other hand other NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have also been linked with moves abroad. Bryant has been linked with Turkish outfit Besiktas, with whom Deron Williams just recently inked a contract for the upcoming season.

Similarly, James is pondering over moves to China, Thailand or United Kingdom. The star hasn’t made up his mind yet, nonetheless because of interest shown in foreign leagues by him and other star players, more and more players have started to analyze other options too.

Sources have informed that the Chinese Basketball Association is now formulating attractive lucrative offers to lure in the lost NBA stars. Currently, the CBA is devising a rule which would force NBA stars to stay in contract with CBA teams even if the NBA lockout is resolved. The formulation of such a rule would be an easier task in comparison to its implementation.

Anthony and Paul, who are on a trip to China will surely try to get under the skin of this rule when it’s given birth. It is also expected that the two players will meet up with CBA’s head.

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