Michael Jordan hails Tiger Woods return to the PGA Tour

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The legend, Tiger Woods is back on course, which makes everyone wonder if he has found his killer swing yet. Woods would play at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational making a return to professional after a 11 week absence.

With just 6 starts on the PGA Tour in 2011, this will mark Woods 3rd entrance in an event that has no two-round cut. Making yet another comeback, Woods would need to show his magic to the golfing community now more than ever. His previous failed attempts to reconstruct his career have left many of his followers stranded.

So far the only magic Woods has been able to produce was on the front 9 at The Masters where he played with an “injured” left leg. Woods just recently declared that he is far from calling quits in his career in spite of the tragic saga that put his career on hold for a moment. As a matter of fact, Woods want to break every single record that is in the book; something that he is still theoretically capable of.

However, the Golf gods would need to resurrect his past skills for that to happen. A friend, gambling-buddy and probably one of the greatest sportsmen to have walked the Earth, Michael Jordan believes Woods still has it what it takes to take the top spot. In a recent press release one legend came to the level of another and spoke about how he used to prepare for make or break moments.

In his press release Jordan advised Woods, “The biggest thing is that I’ve always – and I’m pretty sure Tiger has, too – used sport as a therapeutic tool.” He continued, “Once you’re inside the lines, you can focus on what your jobs are and what you’re doing on the court, or for him the course.”

Furthermore Jordan pointed to what he believes is blocking Woods from greatness. Jordan stated, “The problem for him (Woods) was that he wasn’t physically capable of getting inside those lines and doing those things. I think he’s been somewhat fragile mentally and physically.”

Jordan continued by recalling his own experiences. Jordan told about how he used control himself when he knew there could be trouble. Jordan articulated, “When I went through those issues, once I got on to the basketball court that became a therapeutic thing for me where I was able to forget all those other things. Once I finished playing basketball, I came out with a better understanding of the decisions I had to make.”

After Woods’ career fell due to problems in his personal life all experts expected the star to pick himself up and continue with his career but his return in 2010 was far from it. Although Woods’ was once again treading the ropes he was scarred with physical and emotional injuries suffered during that period.

Unable to make full recoveries Woods kept on making futile returns to golf. Jordan believes Woods still has all the firepower required to propel to the top. He reckons this time round Woods will once again be the top predator on course.

Jordan, who is also the assistant captain of the US team at November’s Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne, went on with his press release saying, “I think he’s waiting to explode again.” He added, “A wounded dog has a tough time trying to keep winning battles. And because the battle was a lot tougher than I thought even Tiger realized a while ago, he needs to heal before he gets back into these battles again.”

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8/5/11   |   myrna_ventura   |   1214 respect

 I believe Tiger  redeem his lost glory.  Golf is his only way of life and he's really doing his best to achieve this with his return to PGA.

8/1/11   |   kobe_lova   |   62345 respect of the greatest sportsmen to have walked the Earth...

damn. that made me laugh.