NBA lockout can turn into NBA shutdown if star players flee overseas

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 NBA lockout can turn into NBA shutdown if star players flee overseas

The NBA lockout continues to frustrate stars forcing them to search action overseas. The deadline for a new season approaches closer by the breath and with NBA commissioner David Stern unable to find a resolution for the Labor Deal experts expect the unexpected to happen.

The imminent disaster of NBA shutdown looms in the shadows for now, however they grow thinner by the minute. Unlike the NFL saga where actions spoke louder than words, thanks to Commissioner Roger Goodell, little efforts have been seen by the NBA authorities. Goodell was able to patch it up with the owners and Players Association, resuscitating the 2011 season due to start on 4th of August.

Without a doubt NBA and NFL have evolved into United States favorite sports, however as basketball is far more popular in the world in comparison to NFL, its market is much larger too. This is also one of the reasons behind NBA’s international popularity and why NBA stars have grown to be worldwide icons.

Hence, the NBA shutdown can effect in a many more ways than losing the NFL. Similarly, more is at stake here which would admittedly make the issue even harder to resolve. NBA stardom is another factor that is working against NBA itself.

NBA stores up the best talent from the world which means fans from around the globe give support to players in the League. Now these stars have become powerful enough to make decisions on their own consent which consciously or unconsciously can affect the reputation of NBA.

For instance players Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Mino Ginobili, Paul Gasol, etc can all make their own decisions even when NBA is at a lockout. Although the lockout has left the players out of action they have decided to take matters in their own hands and scour the foreign land for opportunities.

An act such would devastate NBA itself as matter of fact it would destroy the basketball industry as we know it. United States would of course be affected the worst in the collateral damage as national players join foreign clubs. This would also have a diverse adverse affect on the economy.

NBA players have already shown interest in joining clubs overseas. China, Turkey, Thailand, Australia and Spain top the list for foreign interest. Although no player has officially inked contracts with new club Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant leads the charge with negotiations to Turkish club, Besiktas.

If an icon like Bryant does make a move out of United States then all hell would break loose and players from all teams will be willing to make moves abroad. This would potentially end NBA and if some authority does manage to rejuvenate the League its image will severely tarnished.

With competition in basketball increasing worldwide NBA is threatened more than ever before. United States was once the hub of all basketball action however the game is too diverse now. Nevertheless NBA is still the most glamorous basketball league in the world and if players decide to leave it would certainly be end of an era.

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