NBA teams scour Europe and foreign market for signings in spite of Lockout

While NBA players are testing the foreign market, NBA teams are scouring it

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The NBA lockout has completely queered the pitch for the next season. The whole NBA season is on the verge of falling after the expiration of the Labor Agreement. The whole saga is light years from a solution, forcing teams and players to look for foreign solution to their problems.

The lockout of the NBA has disabled teams from following their daily routines. Without an agreement to rejuvenate the NBA, teams and players are completely useless. NBA teams are unable to complete player transactions and command or communicate with their players. Moreover, teams can’t even comment or represent their players in the League.

Even though some NBA elite turn a blind eye towards the whole episode, optimistically hoping the problem will just vanish away, they too wake up every morning worrying about the lockout. Sadly, it has to be admitted that the NBA commissioner, David Stern should do more in order to end this horrific tale.

The man who rakes in around $10 million is expected to be the savior of NBA at the 11th hour just like NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. Goodell’s bold efforts finally paid off when a new the Labor Deal was signed bringing back the 2011 season, starting on the 4th of August.

Stern will have to fight tooth and nail to steer the NBA ship back on track and convince players that are jumping the ship to foreign land that the NBA is headed towards a brighter future. Stern’s poster boys for the NBA: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are all linked to moves overseas; namely Turkey and China. He has to persuade them there is always light at the end of a tunnel. However, if the situation remains stale top notch stars are bound to run from the collapsing tunnel.

Amidst all this mayhem, NBA teams are doing their best to cope with the all the problems. Sources have revealed that in spite of the havoc, NBA teams are busy trying to compensate for the lost time. It has been informed that they are scouting foreign markets and attempting to sign pre-contracts with players.

This is a clever move aiming to replace the fleeing stars from NBA. The foreign market is a filled with immensely talented youngsters, hence a potential gold mine waiting to be exploited. It would also bring a new x-factor to the League, that is if NBA starts again. Sources have confirmed that NBA teams’ scouting departments are busy like a bee for the past couple of weeks, especially in Europe.

Experts have categorized European countries as extremely fertile ground for harvesting talent. The Detroit Pistons top the list, showing a great deal of interest in the foreign market. A couple of other teams are also trying to follow in their footsteps.

The foreign market has increased tenfold especially after FIBA; world’s governing body of basketball conducted the Under-19 World Championship and the Under-20 European Championships.

Connecticut’s shooting guard, Jeremy Lamb, caused all eyes to turn towards him in the U-19 event while Center Jonas Valanciunas, the 5th pick of Toronto in the June’s draft took home the MVP glory. Nikola Mirotic was MVP of the U-20 event, after leading Spain to victory. Chicago Bulls wasted no time in picking him up in the draft.


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This was a good read. What I'm focused on though is..Stupid David Stern is raking in 10 mil? a year? for what? I can't stand him or Goddell already. This info does not help. About the article, I'm just glad the players want to keep busy. Idle time was NOT good to the NFL this off season.