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Pirelli forced to postpone F1 car test with Ken Block

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Media reports have just revealed that Ken Block’s scheduled Formula 1 test run has been postponed. It has been reported that Pirelli is unable to find a car that can suit his frame or in simpler words Block is too big for his new engine.

The man who became famous after his notorious car stunts and renowned Gymkhana videos was geared up for his test run with Pirelli this August at Monza. He was going to hop into the 2009 Toyota test car for a run around the track.

However, the WRC driver had to face an unfortunate news at Toyota's Cologne headquarters during a seat fitting. The test showed that Block’s legs were too long for him to fit in the car comfortably.

Pirelli immediately set out to find another chassis for Block however the search is still futile. Realizing they were running late Pirelli has now called off the showing next month.

While talking to media the Director of Motorsport, Paul Hembery, stated, “We can't find a car big enough. The test has had to be delayed until we find a suitable vehicle. We're confident we can do it, but we haven't yet found the right car. And when we have found the right car, then we can't find the people to run it – because there are no longer any test teams and very few have running old F1 cars.”

An exhausted Hembery added, “To be honest, it's been a bit of a challenge – but we will make it happen.”

Just last month Block was exuberated over a chance to handle an F1 automobile. The 43-year-old member of World Monster Rally team told media that he was grateful to Pirelli for allowing him to drive their machinery.

In a press release during June Block said, "I never imagined that something like this would even be available. But Pirelli saw the idea of doing something unique and different with me. They have been a great partner with me for everything I have been doing, so it is just something that for me is a dream come true.” He continued, “I have so little experience in open wheel asphalt, so it will be a huge learning experience for me.”

Pirelli is also the sole supplier of tires in F1 after Bridgestone decided to withdraw from the competition near to the end of 2010.

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That doesn't surprise me one bit! I remember when, a couple of months ago, while organizing a car donation charity, Mr Block came and donated one of his older cars. When I got in I couldn't believe how much room the driver had. The seat was pulled all the way back and I thing something was modified at that car because the driver's seat was much larger then the others. Now, when you explained the reason for this delay all makes sense!