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Star Wars: The Adventures of Manchester City boy Mario Balotelli

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 Star Wars: The Adventures of Manchester City boy Mario Balotelli

The infamous Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli is considered as one of the most notorious footballing youngster of this generation. The Palermo born has been under spot light since his emergence from San Siro. From Italy to his current stay in Manchester, England the young star has never failed to produce a hill out of a mole hill.

Just like Balotelli media too has never lost a chance to create interesting stories from his outrageous encounters, critics on the other hand have taken advantage of this opportunity to lambast him on all fronts. Balotelli is indifferent to all this and as always remains resistant to change.

This has made many suggest that Balotelli is a slow learner off field. The Italian international has not had the best of childhoods though. He was handed to social services by his original parents, the Burwuahs, who stated their in ability to bear the child because of a financial crisis.

Later on when Balotelli emerged onto the world scale, his original parents tried to gain his custody again but Balotelli described them as ‘glory hunters’. Thus he remained loyal to the Balotelli’s who had adopted him when he was just three years old.

Balotelli started his youth career with Lumezzane from 2001 to 2005 and later on spent another two years at the club however most of his appearances till that point were in Serie C1 or on the bench. He stayed with them till 2007 before Inter Milan picked him up on loan for the 2006 to 2007 season.

At the end of the season, Inter acknowledged that Balotelli showed talent and ambition to become a promising footballer hence they permanently hired the youngster in the same season. From 2007 to 2010 Balotelli became a permanent tenant at San Siro but the situation in Italy would soon force him to adopt change in his life once again. Racism in Italy made his stay with Azzurri and Nerazzurri unbearable, hence Balotelli eventually made a switch to Manchester City for 24 million Pounds.

The 20-year-old player had suffered from racial discrimination while playing for the Italian national team and as an Inter Milan forward. He had struck up a paternal relationship with the former Nerazzurri gaffer, Roberto Mancini at the Blue and Black part of San Siro where he stayed for 3 years. His ties with Inter’s former manager Mancini eventually brought him to Eastlands but that hasn’t changed the smug snob.

San Siro or Manchester the peculiar acts of Balotelli continue to entertain on lookers. On one hand Balotelli is fast becoming one of the most hyped up celebrities in England and on the other he has enough time to pull downright outrageous stunts which leaves viewers wondering about the amount time the player wastes in a day.

The next page shows some of the stunts that Balotelli has been linked with over the past few years:
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