Teed Off Thursday: Negro Dialect, USC & Gilbert Arenas

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3-2-1...1-2-3...what the heck...is bothering me?  At least this week.

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1)  the term "Negro dialect" is not the most offensive part of this story.

What's offensive is that Republicans continue to b**** about double standards.  Double standards from who?  Don't come at Barack Obama with s*** that happened in 2002, he was not the head ni black man in charge in 2002.  Barack Obama has forgiven that a**hole who shouted you lie.  Barack sat down with that profiling cop at Harvard.  So why can't he forgive one of his own?  Barack Obama isn't sweating the petty stuff anymore, he's the f***in' President of the United States!  Being call a "negro" by one white dude isn't going to phase him anymore.

But I can't let the Negro dialect remark slide completely.  First of all, Reid might as well had just said what he meant, "he don't sound ghetto at all," or "he don't sound like a jungle bunny," or even "he's so well spoken."  But don't try to class it up with your Caucasian educated dialect, like we're too stupid to decode what you're really trying to say.  That s*** is what's really offensive!

2) Why is nobody paying attention to what the NCAA is doing to these kids?

If you want to know how I feel about the coaching double standard it's here.  Though I can't really fault Pete Carroll or Lane Kiffin for bailing on their respective teams since it's after the bowls and before recruiting day, but I will say this.  College athletes should be allowed to bolt too.  Without sitting out a year.  I mean it's "just business" right?  If my son has to go to say...Northwestern for a starting opportunity and then he shines, why can't he transfer to a "dream opportunity" to start at Ohio State, Florida or where ever he wants to play?

But that's too student friendly for the NCAA.  The NCAA would rather punish kids for money's sake.  I mean shouldn't pretty much every athlete at USC be able to abandoned ship if they want to?  The basketball team was already sacrificed for the "greater good" of the school, which would be okay, except that none of the players currently suiting up had anything to do with the scandal.  So to save some cash, the school throws innocent kids to the lions?  Are these are the kind of people you would trust with your children?  Why can't the students play and the school forfeit there checks?

3) Do people not understand just how many Americans carry guns?

First of all, a lot of people have guns America.  If Gilbert Arenas was any kind of thug or danger to society he would be arrested already.  There is a reason the authorities and Arenas are trying to work this out civilly.  Let's all calm down.  I have seen plenty of photos online of normal people posing in the woods holding a shotguns with children in the photo.  So let's not act like Agent Zero is a monster for carrying a firearm.

However he is an idiot.  Who the hell waves a gun in someone's face and thinks it's funny?  A real gun.  When you prank someone the comedy is the fact that you tricked them into believing something obviously fake is real.  Like a giant spider or a space gun.  If you wave a real gun in someone's face, how do you expect them to react?  They are going to freak out.  Loaded or unloaded.  That's not funny, it's normal.  I love Gilbert's antics, but this is one bit he can file in the round cabinet.

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1/14/10   |   w_g_walters   |   223 respect

Complete agreement.

1/14/10   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

You're right. Gilbert Arenas is not a monster. Monsters are way smarter than he is.

1/14/10   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

#2 is just perfectly spot-on. One of many, many reasons why I hate following college sports, I just can't help but watch anyways.