10 Athletes I just don't want to hear about anymore

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10) Adam "Pacman" Jones.
Why does a mediocre guy like this receive more coverage than almost anyone in the league? It certainly is not because of his impact on the field. I want to hear about real sports news, not all of the repeated times this hooligan decides to break the law or "make it rain" at a strip club. (On a side note, is that really appropriate material for midday ESPN?)
9) Manny Ramirez.
Sorry, you aren't the best player in the game despite what the amount of media coverage you receive would have us believe. Mannywood? This goofball gets his own city? And if you're going to take a drug, do us all a favor and at least take a drug that makes sense for your gender.
8) [Insert steroid user here]
I just don't want to hear about steroids anymore. I don't care who used or is still using them, because the reality is over half of the players in the league are using them anyway. Let's talk about baseball and some of the amazing feats that have occurred this year rather than drugs.
7) Stephon Marbury.
Do I really want to hear about the life of a guy who has a head tattoo?
6) Chad Ochocinco.
How does this clown get more coverage than a guy like Larry Fitzgerald? Also, you have a ridiculous name.
5) Joakim Noah.
I don't watch the NBA and don't know much about this guy, but I have seen his face. Talk about this guy usually means the misfortune of seeing his ugly mug on the TV screen which is a no-win situation for anyone.
4) LeBron James.
Just kidding. LeBron is the only reason why I occasionally watch the NBA.
3) Sidney Crosby.
It was bad enough when he was shoved down NHL fans' throats for four seasons and being proclaimed as the only player on the Pittsburgh Penguins and the second coming of Jesus Christ, but now he wins a Cup and he is suddenly the only player in the entire league.
2) Michael Vick.
Yes, Vick and his reinstatement is a very controversial subject, but let's talk about something else than a convict returning to the league. He will be playing professional football again, and what's done is done.
1) Brett Favre.
Yawn. I think I, along with many fans, will remember him as being a drama queen rather than his successful NFL career when he [actually] retires. Congratulations, Brett. You have tainted a potential legacy and are now a joke.
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