10 Million for the FedEx Cup? I Missed My Calling

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Sept. 23, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Brandt Snedeker smiles before teeing off the 16th hole during the final round of the TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIREBrandt Snedeker. Are you familiar with that name? I am a casual golf watcher. I enjoy all the majors, know the big names in the game. And I have heard of Brant Snedeker but could not pull him out of a lineup to save my life. Now, I was never much of a golfer. I tended to golf like I played tennis, and my lack of patience was of no value to my game either. But clearly, this was a sport I should have pursued further.

Brandt Snedeker walked away from the Tour Championship yesterday with 11.4 MILLION DOLLARS! This was the result of: 2 Top 5 finishes in FedEx Cup events, and a win yesterday in the Tour Championship. 10 Million for the FedEx Cup win and 1.4 Million for the Tour Championship win. As he is in the picture above, I would have an awfully big smile too.

Now, if you think about other sports, big names typically get paid the big bucks. In football, some contracts get done for lesser known but valuable players but not too many NFL players ever see a Drew Brees style contract.  In tennis, there is a lot of money for the Grand Slam events, but typically not for other tournaments throughout the year.

Tennis is an individual sport similar to golf. Wimbledon paid out over 2 million dollars to both the mens and womens champions in 2012. I thought that was a crazy amount of money. But this? This is obscene. Maybe because it is a single payout over a four tournament period. Maybe because most of us will never see one million dollars, forget ten million in a lifetime, but it is truly a lot of money.

Prior to this event, Snedeker was ranked 19th in the golf rankings. An incredible feat for most, but with 6 professional wins under his belt, no major championships and a top 20 ranking, winning this kind of event for this level of money is incredible. McIlroy, Woods, Love all falling out of the chase early, pretty unbelievable that Snedeker steps up and shows his stuff for all the marbles-AND CASH!

At 31, Brandt Snedeker clearly will be a name in golf for a long, long time. Maybe he can start me on some lessons?
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