10 Things to Expect from Metta World Peace on the New York Knicks

10 Things to Expect from Metta World Peace's season in NYC

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This should be good.

1. Metta World Peace will open his own halal food cart, the operation of which conflicting with all Sunday afternoon tip-offs. The Knicks and MWP will come to a compromise, allowing him to work the cart every other week. 

2. Metta World Peace will add some much-needed toughness to the Knicks roster, becoming a force in the paint and bullying Ray Felton after practice daily.

3. Metta World Peace will move back in to his childhood bedroom in Queens and commute to Madison Square Garden on a bicycle that is too small for him. 

4. Metta World Peace will bring a girl back from a strip club on said bicycle.

5. Metta World Peace will demand a trade back after realizing the before and after photos on the Dr. Zizmor ad are not the same people

6. After having his trade demands ignored, Metta World Peace will pay a personal visit to Dr. Zizmor and take matters into his own hands.

7. Metta World Peace will miss at least one game because his unlimited Metrocard didn't arrive in the mail on time. 

8. Metta World Peace will, at some point, accidentally play for the Brooklyn Nets.

9. Metta World Peace will kindly ask Bernie Williams to relinquish his #51 jersey. 

10. Metta World Peace will fall in love with the Kronos gyro girl, unaware of the fact that she's now 75 years old. 

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