10th anniversary of Pat Tillman's death: Should he be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The movement to get Pat Tillman into the Hall of Fame is inexplicable

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Blog Photo - 10th anniversary of Pat Tillman's death: Should he be in the Pro Football Hall of FamePat Tillman is a hero. He's a great role model. He lived by his principles, he passed up millions of NFL dollars to fight for his country, and he died doing so.

There's no doubt that Tillman is someone to be looked up to. He was a legend, and a great man.

But does he belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Today is the 10th anniversary of his death, and recently there has been a groundswell of support for his Hall of Fame case.

CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel is one of the many who believe that Tillman should be enshrined in Canton.

In Gregg's words:
"...put Pat Tillman in the Pro Football Hall of Fame because Canton is a place for the true legends of the NFL. And they don't get more legendary than Pat Tillman."

On one hand, he's right. They really don't get more legendary than Pat Tillman.

On the other hand, Tillman's not a legend of the NFL. He's a legend of life. His NFL feats aren't anywhere near what you'd expect from a Hall of Famer.

Sports Illustrated senior football writer Peter King is on the other side of the argument. He says that although Tillman is a hero, he doesn't deserve a bust in Canton.

As I wrote today, QB Eddie LeBaron was twice wounded in Korea. Returned to QB in NFL. Was good. He's not in. Should we put him in?

— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) April 21, 2014

There's a big display, including Rocky Bleier's Purple Heart, in the Hall of Fame. Tillman is honored there. It's a great room of tribute.

— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) April 21, 2014

People: The Hall of Fame has a special room, a big one, that recognizes all NFLers who served in wartime. Big Tillman exhibit there.

— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) April 21, 2014

Personally, I agree with King on this one.

There are guys who have exhibits in the Hall of Fame, whether for their single-game accomplishments, single-season feats, or even team achievements. And players who served in the military are honored in an exhibit like that.

It's entirely different to be permanently enshrined as a Hall of Famer. That honor is reserved for those who were the best of the best on the field.

Tillman should be honored. He should be recognized. He should be forever remembered. But an unworthy honor like Hall of Fame induction isn't the way to do it.
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4/23/14   |   gobluespartyon   |   1398 respect

I agree with the comments. Pat Tillman's stats aren't really HOF worthy and he is in Hall for his service of duty for the country when he was in military can't believe that it has been 10 years since he was killed by friendly fire cover up was worse than the friendly fire. If Pat gets into Hall Of Fame I will have no problem I think if it was the hall of life Pat Tillman would be the first person in that all of fame. R.I.P. Pat Tillman.

4/23/14   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

I'm with |Jen.  I beleive he is defintiely a hero, but he didn't have the accomplishments onfield to qualify for the hall of fame.  He is honored at the Hall of Fame, as he should be, but he isn't a Hall of Fame performer.  How he is honored is perfect.

IMO, of course.  (as a Canuck, do I even have a say?)

4/22/14   |   JenX63   |   32817 respect

He doesn't really belong. If you bend/change the rules for one, than you have to do it for everyone and that would defeat the purpose of the HOF.

4/22/14   |   Jess   |   34902 respect

I'm pretty much in the same boat as Ashlie and Peter King. Either way, whatever.

4/22/14   |   kobe_lova   |   61976 respect

I actually don't know how I feel. King is correct, but at the same time, if it happened, I wouldn't scoff about it.