20 Reasons Why the Falcons Might Beat the 49ers on Sunday

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It's official, the Atlanta Falcons are the Rodney Dangerfields of the 2012 NFL...  but then we knew that weeks ago. Here's a team that went 13-3 in the regular season, tied with Denver for the best overall record in the league, went an impressive 7-1 at home, beat Seattle as major home underdog last week, and still finds itself a four point underdog to San Francisco this week. It's enough to make a team want to go out and rustle up a gaggle of fake internet girlfriends. Granted, we know that Atlanta's home wins this season, save the 34-0 blowout of the Giants in week 15, weren't all that impressive. We also know that they are going up against a team with a solid defense and a quarterback that's apparently some superhuman mash-up of John Elway and Jim Brown. But still, there have to be reasons to believe that they will beat San Francisco this Sunday. Here are 20 positive thoughts that Atlanta fans can take into the game.

1) Dan Henning is no longer the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

2) Matt Ryan proved that he can finally win a playoff game. It should be all smooth sailing from this point forward.

3) Colin Kaepernick is still probably pretty tired from running all over the Packers last week. It's doubtful he goes for much more than 140 this week.

4) Aldon Smith is having what is being referred to as a "sack drought." Hey, we've all been there. Oh... wait... this has to do with sacking the quarterback, which he hasn't done in the last four games.

5) Back in 1998 Atlanta stunned the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game to advance to the Super Bowl. It's about time they did it to someone else.

6) Jacquizz Rodgers is due to do something really cool. It's his name, he can't help it.

7) Jim Harbaugh is a jerk who no one wants to see win anything.

8) You gotta believe that there won't be too many people in the Georgia Dome screaming their lungs out for San Francisco.

9) Marion Campbell is no longer the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.
10) God wants Tony Gonzalez to go to the Super Bowl. 

11) Matt Bryant is way better than David Akers.

12) Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks that the Niners are going to win.

13) Randy Moss really doesn't care about the game. He just wants to do something to piss off Joe Buck.

14) A Harbaugh versus Harbaugh Super Bowl would once again raise questions about the Mayan Doomsday predictions.

15) The 49ers could not beat the Rams this year.

16) Julio Jones is due for an 80-yard touchdown.

17) Bobby Petrino is no longer the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

18) Deion Sanders is going to help cover Michael Crabtree.

19) Against one key common opponent, the Falcons beat the New York Giants 34-0 in Atlanta, while the 49ers lost to them 26-3 in San Francisco.

20) San Francisco has won two of the last three World Series. Enough is enough.

There ya go. Here's hoping that both Conference Championships are fantastic.
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I guess too bad none of those came true cheeky