2009 NFL Draft Players With Character Issues

A Look At This Year's Players In The Draft Who Have "Character Issues"

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When it comes to the NFL Draft, teams will quite literally research everything about your past as both a player and a person. They'll look at your 40 time, but also find out who you beat up in the third grade. And either one of those things could cost you millions of dollars.

But while 40 times are very tangible stats, guys with "character issues" are harder to figure out. Some guys, like Randy Moss and Marques Colston, got this label, but have been great players in the NFL. Other guys, like Lawrence Phillips, were an absolute nightmare.

This year is of course no exception. Once again the draft is filled with guys who haven't exactly been model citizens or guys who pissed off coaches or guys who just don't seem to give a damn. These are the toughest picks for an NFL team to make. If you draft a character issues guy and he performs, you become the smartest man in the world. If you draft a character issues guy and he continues to be an idiot, you then open yourself up to mass criticism because you should have known exactly what you were getting involved in.

Here are this years question marks courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

Alex Boone, OT, Ohio State: Likes drinking...a lot. Has repeated incidents involving alcohol that don't bode well for his draft stock.

Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois: The Illini's top defensive standout is considered a handful for coaches, as he was demoted in spring practice and benched for the start of a game. This is more or less the same knock that Colston got when he was at Hofstra.

Morris Wooten, LB, Arizona State:
Same deal as Davis. He has been suspended for violating team rules, and coaches have found him difficult.

Dannell Ellerbe, LB, Georgia:
This one's pretty fun. In one ugly incident, Ellerbe was arrested and charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle, giving false information to police, driving under the influence and underage possession of alcohol. Uh, why exactly isn't he in jail?

Arian Foster, RB, Tennessee: He has an arrest in his past for disorderly conduct and is considered difficult to deal with. He also gave an interview to newspapers last year in which he refused to speak in anything other than pterodactyl. Seriously.

Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa: He's gotten the lazy dumbass moniker. Scouts question his work ethic, and he had to sit out the 2007 season with academic issues.

Andre Smith, OT, Alabama: Speaking of dumbasses, this guy is the king of them. He's made a series of poor decisions - like showing up to the Combine totally out of shape, leaving the Combine early without alerting anyone before coming back, and royally screwing up team interviews. 

Bruce Johnson, CB, Miami: Suspended for being late to practices and missing practices. That's always good. Maybe he'll be the defensive version of Plaxico Burress.

P.J. Hill, RB, Wisconsin: Arrested twice for driving under the influence. Although Jared Allen has done OK as a pro, and I don't think he's ever driven sober.

Jonathan Casillas, LB, Wisconsin: Another guy who hates cabs. Has a couple of drunken-driving episodes, and scouts question his maturity.

Rey Maualuga, LB, Southern California: He was arrested for suspicion of misdemeanor battery, and in a separate incident got benched for getting nutty at a party. Also humped Erin Andrews on the sidelines during the Rose Bowl. That may be what really hurts his stock.

Kory Sheets, RB, Purdue: Sheets was considered a finger-pointer who eventually was prohibited from speaking to the media after criticizing a teammate. I don't think this is really all that bad.

Lardarius Webb, CB, Nicholls State: He was kicked out of Southern Mississippi for violating team rules. That's never good.

Donald Washington, CB, Ohio State:
He was benched for violating team rules. I assume that means he didn't wear a V-neck sweater on game day.

So what do you think of these guys? Who will turn out to be the next Moss or Colston, and who will find themselves out of the league within a year or two?

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4/14/09   |   bjaffe   |   10 respect

and remember somebody will get burned by drafting vontae davis to high as he worked out well just like his brother veron and look at what veron has done for the 49ers. like i said earlier the NFL is a job you need to treat it as such and many of these guys are not.

4/14/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

Question: What character issues did Marques Colston have coming out of Hofstra? Even though I'm a well informed Saints fan, this is my first time hearing about it.

4/14/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

My prediction is that the Dallas Cowboys will try to draft or sign as many of these players as possible. The Cincinnati Bengals will take the remains.

4/14/09   |   billywa   |   658 respect

 My question is, How many of these guys will Jerry Jones draft?  I mean, he did such a fine job rehabilitating Pacman and getting TO to tow the line and all....

4/14/09   |   JHOLE

List of NBA "character issue" guys:

4/14/09   |   Derrich

That man boob pic of 'Dre never gets old.

4/14/09   |   Poli_   |   93 respect

(Edited by Poli_)

This guy is the ONE to watch! Real shifty like. "Kory Sheets, RB, Purdue: Sheets was considered a finger-pointer who eventually was prohibited from speaking to the media after criticizing a teammate. I don't think this is really all that bad." 

He's a stool pigeon, a rat, a blabber mouth.... 

4/14/09   |   Heyhey1970   |   194 respect

Buyer beware on PJ Hill from Wisconsin.  Along with the alcohol issues, he can't make the first guy miss.  The last running back to leave Madison early (against coach's advice) was Brian Calhoun, who has been a wasted draft pick by the Lions.

4/14/09   |   seal_warrior1   |   2231 respect

(Edited by seal_warrior1)

Seems to me the way to handle these guys would be for all the teams to get together and blackball the whole lot of em, no team picks them up, and they pull from a different barrel or deeper in the barrel. 
With all the bad publicity already out there about these *professionals*  seems the fans might really appreciate a total upset like dumping them all!  They can use your article as a basis.   
It seems just looking at those guys, it would be like trying to decide who's poop smelled the best...

4/14/09   |   shox13191

Michael_Luchies wrote:
Character Issues?  I'm more worried about those man boobs!  Look at those things...yuck

How 'bout those thunder thighs as well? Eh..??

4/14/09   |   NittanyJon   |   247 respect

Michael_Luchies wrote:
Character Issues?  I'm more worried about those man boobs!  Look at those things...yuck

Word. My suggestion: Hormone pills and or injections. Radically increase the chest workouts. If all else fails, TRAINING BRA!!!!

4/14/09   |   Michael_Luchies   |   17 respect

Character Issues?  I'm more worried about those man boobs!  Look at those things...yuck

4/13/09   |   frenchy62   |   3 respect

I'm an Iowa fan and biased, but they blew it by including Shonn Greene. Yes, he had academic issues early in his college years. Facts are that he had to leave U of Iowa and go to a JUCO to get academically squared away. This meant being off scholarship and making it on his own. He worked for a furniture store while attending JUCO to support himself. If anything, Greene had to work to get where he is and didn't have everything handed to him like many prima-donna athletes. To question his work ethic and desire is off-base.

4/13/09   |   rhett1995

Dannell Ellerbe, LB, Georgia man that makes me mad he is from my home town well i no know shan merino will do good in this

4/13/09   |   bjaffe   |   10 respect

well these guys better realize the NFL is a business not a party like college tends to be for high profile athletes


4/13/09   |   Dream_Machine   |   13448 respect

(Edited by Dream_Machine)

Erin Andrews... Pretty Tempting, I Wouldn't Have Gotten Caught On Youtube Though.