2009 Royal Rumble...Shockers!!

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As yet another Royal Rumble comes to a close, we have seen upsets and shockers once again.   With all the mysterious attacks against Jeff Hardy, and all the rumors flying about who was going to make a surprise appearance, I don't think anyone was ready for all the events at the 2009 Royal Rumble.

To start the night off, in an attempt to regain the ECW Championship lost 2 weeks ago, Matt Hardy faces Jack Swagger.  It was an intense battle from the beginning.  In the end, Swagger was able to counter a Side Effect from Hardy.  Finally hitting Hardy with a Gut wrench Power bomb, Swagger managed to seal the deal and retain the ECW Championship.

After suffering a broken ankle and taking several months off, Melina is back and challenging Beth Phoenix for the Women's Championship.  After dealing with attacks from Phoenix's faithful fan, Rosa Mendez, Melina was able to use her speed, agility and determination to overcome long odds.  Melina defeated Beth Phoenix, and captured the gold.

With Shawn Michaels at ringside, JBL is determined to do whatever it takes to win the World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena.   With a lot of promises from JBL as well as a spot in the Rumble on the line, a conflicted Michaels attempted to aid his "boss" to victory.  With the referee incapacitated, Michaels got involved...delivering Sweet Chin Music first to JBL, and then to Cena.  He then pulled JBL on top of Cena for the cover.  Despite the help, Cena was able to recover and retain the title by using his signature hold.  Proving once again that even with the deck stacked against him, the Champ overcomes the odds.

Jeff Hardy was then informed by Smackdown GM, Vickie Guerrero, that the WWE Title Match against Edge  would be a No Disqualification Match.  Hardy got off to a strong start, but Edge wasn't going to make it easy for him.  At one point, with Jeff attempting to put the Swanton into effect, even Vickie tried to get involved...only to be kicked out of the way.  The shocker for all, I think, was when Matt came out, apparently to help out his brother.  While trying to convince Jeff to hit Edge with a Con-Chair-To, Matt ultimately betrayed his younger brother with a steel chair to his head.  And stood there watching as Edge pinned Jeff, costing him the WWE Championship.  What was the reasoning behind Matt's actions?  What will Jeff's reaction be?  Just a new war brought by WWE between the brothers??  Guess we will just  have to wait and see.

To end the night, Randy Orton entered the Royal Rumble at number 8, to find himself the last man in the ring when all was said and done.  So, with a little help from Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes, Orton was able to persevere and now finds himself with a title shot at Wrestlemania.  The next question is... after his attack on Vince McMahon this last week on RAW, will Orton still have his job when Wrestlemania rolls around? 

A night of shockers, surprises and unanswered questions...only time will reveal the WWE's plots.
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good job

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HULL_17 wrote:
Nicely Done Jenn!!

Thanks Alicia!!

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Nicely Done Jenn!!