2009 Slam Dunk Contest: Every Single Dunk By Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson, Rudy Fernandez And J.R. Smith

Want To See The Entire Dunk Contest And Judge It For Yourself? Here You Go.

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There have been mixed opinions so far on this year's Slam Dunk Contest. Some think that the judging was a bit shady, some think that some of the dunks were a beat weak, but there were also some undoubtedly amazing throwdowns. Thanks to intrepid YouTube user clinton4thebed, we have all of the dunks from the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest here for your enjoyment.

The first page will be all Rudy Fernandez and JR Smith, since they only had 2 dunks. Page 2 will feature Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson's first two dunks, and page 3 will show Howard and Robinson's dunks in the finals. Or just see them all on one page to avoid the confusion.

We'll start with Rudy Fernandez. Here's Dunk #1:

Rudy started out the evening with a nice tribute to Fernando Martin, the first Spanish player in the NBA. Martin died in a car accident in 1986. The dunk was a solid one, and received a solid score of 42. It could have been scored a bit higher in hindsight, but for the first dunk of the night, it was a good start.

Rudy's second dunk took a LOT of attempts. I believe this hurt him, as the judges got a bit impatient after a while and seemed like they penalized him a bit for the failed attempts. This is a bit ironic, since Nate Robinson, another competitor this year, WON a dunk contest a couple years ago after an obscene amount of failed attempts.

Fernandez' selection of Lakers big man Pau Gasol was a strange one, since normally players choose their teammates, but Fernandez' night had a very spanish theme to it, so it was no surprise.  You would have thought that he could bring along Blazers teammate Sergio Rodriguez, though. Pau wasn't exactly the best passer, and almost cost Fernandez the dunk altogether.

Next up is JR Smith:

JR's first attempt was a double bounce windmill jam. It is a bit harder than it looks, and the double bounce adds a certain degree of difficulty, but it wasn't really one of the dunks that make you drop your jaw and go nuts.

Smith also brought in a questionable passer for his 2nd dunk attempt, grabbing Sonny Weems for the assist. It didn't turn out too badly though. Smith ended up switching up his plan halfway through, since it looked like he wouldn't be able to finish his original choice, and instead went with a dunk similar to one that Fred Jones did when he won it back in 2004.

Check out page two for Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson's first two dunks.
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2/15/09   |   Southernboy

that was SiCk

2/15/09   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2795 respect

I thought the best part of the whole night was the fact that Andre 3000 must have sold his warddrobe to Lebron and D-Wade

2/15/09   |   pobodys_nerfect

I didn't mind the dunks but the way they had it made out to be the greatest dunk comp ever couldn't have been more B.S. And to have to listen to Reggie Miller and The Jet talk crap and try to joke about everyone gets old super quick. What a joke the whole thing turned out to be.

2/15/09   |   kfbrich

Yeah, that's a 10 in my book.