2011 NFL Division Preview

The New England Patriots Take the AFC East [2011 NFL Division Preview]

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It’s finally here, kickoff Thursday. Actually, that still kinda feels awkward to say. It still feels like it should be kickoff Sunday. Giving us tonight’s game is like getting to open one Christmas present on the 22nd. No one’s going to say no to the idea, but it does make those next couple of days an excruciating wait. So let’s enjoy tonight, then we can look forward to gorging on football that counts being played at its highest level this Sunday.
With these games that count I’m going to continue to bring you knowledge, and hopefully some fun, all season long. The regular season column will start running in full next week and will be a mixture of looking back on the week that was and looking forward to the week that’s coming up. Just to get things started, here’s a breakdown of tonight’s game. In the regular column I’ll do this for every upcoming game, plus have a few fun sections looking back on what we saw the week before.
Saints (0-0) at Packers (0-0)
What a matchup to start the season off. The defending Super Bowl Champs get a home game under the lights, and we get to see them face off against one of the best stories in recent football memory in the revamped New Orleans Saints.
What Type Of Game to Expect to See: High scoring, fast paced. The Packers run a forward thinking, vertical passing game. Plus, they let it leak that they’ve been practicing an up-tempo no-huddle attack. The Saints won’t back down from that pace, they also love to stretch the field. Expect to see lots of offense and lots of points.
Key Matchup: The quarterbacks. We’ve got two of the best on display tonight. If you have a young signal caller around tonight, have him watch these two guys to see how to get the job done.
Risky Prediction: The Packers struggle out of the gate. This team has spent the last six months hearing how great they are, it’s going to be a shock to be back on the field again.
Who wins and why: I’m going to go with the Packers, mostly because they’re at home. Also because their defense will make more plays than New Orleans’ will. Neither team will dominate on the defensive side of the ball, but Green Bay’s defense has the playmakers to make those couple of key plays that will give them the edge.

Make sure to check out the column this season, and in case you missed it here is last week’s AFC North Preview.
For now, enjoy our look at the AFC East and Happy Football Watching!
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Brady is too busy being a cover boy poising for GQ, to really go anywhere but to wardrobe and makeup.

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Why  isn't Aaron Maybin listed as a key addition to the Jets?