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Nick Ficorelli (@MrFicIISports). Founder, CEO, and Blogger of The Sports Chronicles (website under construction). Is one of the 16 'Draftniks' who will be featured over the coming days, here is the 1st one-
Matt Kalil
The Minnesota Vikings entered the 2012 draft with 10 picks (3, 35, 66, 98, 128, 134, 138, 175, 210, and 223). They had a ton of needs on the team most notably LT, CB, S, and WR. But LB & DT were not too far behind. Basically, the team could not go wrong in whatever approach they took because the players would have been needed
1.3 - Matt Kalil OT USC 6'6.5" 306 || 34 1/2" arms || 10 3/8" hands || 4.96 forty || 1.70 at ten yards || 4.65 short shuttle || 7.33 3 cone || 27" vertical || 30 reps on the bench press

He was a consensus multiple All American in 2011 and won the Pat Morris Trophy for the best offensive lineman in the PAC 12 last year. He has been mentioned by several scouts to be the best offensive lineman to come out since Joe Thomas and Jake Long. He is often compared to Joe Thomas too. It does not matter who is like though. He is not like Charlie Johnson and that is what matters the most.

The Vikings decided to trade up into the first round at the end of round one. They traded pick #35 and #98 to Baltimore for pick #29.

1.29 - Harrison Smith S Notre Dame 6'1.7" 213 || 32 5/8" arms || 10 1/4" hands || 4.54 forty || 4.12 short shuttle || 6.63 3 cone || 34" vertical || 10'2" broad jump || 19 reps on the bench press

This pick was a solid pick. It will be debated for years about whether or not it was worth the trade up, if Smith is really a first round caliber safety, and if he would have been there at #35. I was not a fan of Smith in the second round at any point prior to the draft. I thought they should have went with a defensive tackle (Jerel Worthy would have been nice) in round 2. But Smith has excellent measurable. His 3 cone is outstanding. His forty is good for a safety and he has long arms. It was not a bad pick at all and in fact was a good pick considering the state of the Vikings safeties. Obviously, it was a need pick.

3.66 - Josh Robinson CB Central Florida 5'10.1" 199 || 31 1/4" arms || 9 1/4" hands || 4.29 forty || 3.97 short shuttle || 6.55 3 cone || 38.5" vertical || 11'1" broad jump || 17 reps on the bench press

This was an excellent pick. Robinson was a two time 1st Team All-Conference USA cornerback who had 36 passes defended and 10 picks the past three seasons. Obviously he has all the speed and quickness you want. He has faced top competition too. He squared off against AJ Green in 2010 and "held" him to 8 catches for 77 yards and zero TDs.

4.118 - Jarius Wright WR Arkansas 5'9.5" 182 || 31 1/2" arms || 8 1/2" hands || 4.41 forty || 4.03 short shuttle || 6.93 3 cone || 38" vertical || 10'0" broad jump || 11 reps on the bench press

I like Wright a lot. He made First Team All SEC last year and had excellent production with 63 catches for 1,029 yards and 11 TDs. I know that there were some other bigger WRs that were available that some people would have preferred. But the return specialists were flying off the draft boards way earlier than expected. TJ Graham & Chris Givens went in the third round. Then Joe Adams and Devon Wylie went before Wright. The pickings were getting slim. Wright had much better production from the WR position which in the end is more important. You can always get someone to return punts supposedly. But having a guy that can also give you some very good value at the WR position is more important. I think at that point Wright was a pretty good pick.

4.128 - Rhett Ellison TE USC 6'4.7" 251 || 33 3/4" arms || 10 1/4" hands || 4.69 forty || 1.63 at ten yards || 4.39 short shuttle || 7.16 3 cone || 32.5" vertical || 9'03" broad jump || DNP bench press

Now this pick was straight out of left field for almost everyone. In fact I do not know of any fan that was looking for a TE turned FB at this point in the draft (or in the entire draft for that matter.

4.134 - Greg Childs WR Arkansas 6'3.1" 219 || 34 1/8" arms || 10 1/8" hands || 4.39 forty || 1.50 at ten yards || 4.09 short shuttle || 6.90 3 cone || 40.5" vertical || 10'7" broad jump || 19 reps on the bench press

This was another pick that came straight out of left field and was another surprise. I like Childs' measureable though. He did have some decent production in 2010 and 2009, until the devastating knee injury against Vanderbilt. He is one of the few big WR’s that scouting reports said can beat the press coverage. I know there were other WRs that were available and may have been just as good. Maybe the team liked Childs overall size and upside more than any of the others. I think that Childs could end up being a steal in this draft.
The Vikings traded #138 and #223 to the Lions for pick #211 and their 2013 4th round pick.

5.139 - Robert Blanton CB Notre Dame 6'0.6" 208 || 31 1/4" arms || 9 1/8" hands || 4.53 forty || 3.97 short shuttle || 6.71 3 cone || 34" vertical || 9'8" broad jump || 12 reps on the bench press

I was shocked by this pick too especially when you consider some of the better defensive backs available, like George Iloka, Markelle Martin, Josh Norman, and Justin Bethel, Alfonso Dennard. It is hard to find any scouting site that had Blanton above any of the guys I just mentioned. The Vikings said they were going to use him at safety. However, he has improved every year he has played. He could turn out to be a pretty good safety when it is all said and done. He is a good and willing tackler and has great character.

6.175 - Blair Walsh K Georgia 5'9" 187

Kind of a strange pick considering they signed Ryan Longwell to a 4 year 12 mil deal last July 27th. The deal 3.5 million guaranteed with 1,750,000 in 2012, 2.5 million in 2013, and 2.75 due in 2014. I mean why use a draft pick on a kicker after giving up that deal to Longwell? Maybe they will keep Walsh for kickoffs and long field goals? Since the team is rebuilding I think it would be good to let Walsh get experience in the NFL. That way by 2013 he will be more seasoned.

7.210 - Audie Cole LB North Carolina State 6'4.1" 246 || 32 3/4" arms || 10" hands || 4.73 forty || 1.68 at ten yards || 4.29 short shuttle || 6.96 3 cone || 35" vertical || 9'6" broad jump || 15 reps on the bench press

This was not a bad pick at this point. They finally selected a LB. I liked him earlier in the season as I watched a few of his games. The scouting reports vary in what they say about his abilities in coverage. Many sites thought he would go earlier.

The Vikings make another trade by giving up #211 to the Titans for their 2013 6th round pick.

7.219 - Trevor Guyton DE Cal 6'2.5" 285 || 33" arms || 10 1/4" hands || 5.03 forty || 4.53 short shuttle || 7.44 3 cone || 31" vertical || 8'9" broad jump || 25 reps on the bench press

Another player who was expected to go earlier. He lined up all over Cal's line so he could be a nice addition to the defensive line rotation.
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