2012 Fantasy Football Season Recap

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The dreadful day has finally come - all of our fantasy football seasons are officially over. Most of us head into a long offseason of disappointment, wondering what could have been if we did things like played Tony Romo over Colin Kaepernick in the semi-finals (that four point difference literally cost me first place). While the season may be over, it's still fun to take a look back at all the players who stepped up and all the others who let us down. Here's a review of all the biggest steals and busts of the 2012 fantasy football season:

(Note: average draft position (ADP) is according to FFToolbox.com, and player rankings are according to Yahoo)

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"Don't do it," the analysts said. "Don't fall victim to the hype around RG3, he'll never repeat what Cam Newton did." Okay, Robert Griffin III may not have quite duplicated Newton's spectacular rookie numbers from last year, but that doesn't mean those analysts were correct in advising against drafting him. RG3 finished 7th among quarterbacks (Newton was 9th), with an ADP that ranked 12th at his position.

I have to say, if I weren't a Raider fan, I would have been all over Peyton Manning in the middle rounds of my fantasy draft. His ADP was 59.52, making him a late-sixth/early-seventh round pick in most leagues. Peyton rewarded those who took a risk on him, scoring the 3rd most points among quarterbacks, topping Tom Brady, whose ADP was 7.95.

My biggest regret of my fantasy draft (from the day of the draft to this very day) was missing out on Matt Ryan. I knew he was set for a big year, but I tried to sleep on him one round too long. He was the first of the non-elite quarterbacks taken, and there was a big drop off from Matt Stafford (5th highest ADP) to Ryan (6th highest). Ryan played like one of the elite, however, ranking 5th in fantasy points, which topped highly coveted draft day quarterbacks Cam Newton and Matt Stafford.

Busts: I mentioned him twice in the steals section, but not for good reason - Cam Newton was very disappointing for owners who reached for him early in the draft. His ADP had him going in the middle of the second round, but his play had him ranked behind several quarterbacks that could have been snagged much later in the draft.

Before the season, Eli Manning was beginning to be talked about as a Hall of Fame quarterback. His exceptional 2011 season that he capped off with a second Lombardi trophy certainly warranted that talk, but it set owners up for a letdown when Eli struggled this season. After a solid start to the year, Eli played absolutely terrible football in the middle of the season, likely single-handedly losing games for his fantasy owners. His ADP was 7th among quarterbacks, but he finished 16th in points, behind players like Joe Flacco and Carson Palmer.

Finally, we have the ever-controversial Michael Vick. It seems there's always a reason to be talking about this guy, and this year it was because he led his Eagles to a 3-6 start and was benched for a rookie. Vick returned for one last hoorah in Week 17 against the Giants, in which he saw the scoreboard light up in favor of his opponents, 42-7. His ADP had him drafted before three quarterbacks who finished the season ranked in the top seven.
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