2012 Men's Olympic Basketball Team Stats Compared To The Dream Team

2012 vs. The Dream Team: By The Numbers

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Blog Photo - 2012 Men's Olympic Basketball Team Stats Compared To The Dream TeamEver since Kobe Bryant said that the 2012 USA Men's Olympic Basketball Team could pull out a win against the 1992 Dream Team, a lot of people have been debating what would happen if the two teams met on the court. Scottie Pippen on-air last night said that the Dream Team would win by 25. That may be a stretch, but the overwhelming majority believe the Dream Team would never lose to the current USA team.

Numbers aren't everything, but I've averaged the stats of every player for the 2012 team and every player for the Dream Team. The stats I used were the numbers they put up the year before the Olympics. I excluded Anthony Davis, as he has not yet played an NBA game. On the Dream Team, I used Christian Laettner's 1992-93 stats, as that was his first year in the NBA. I also used Magic Johnson's 1990-91 stats, as he didn't play in the season before the Olympics.

What I found, as expected, was that the Dream Team outdid the current team in every significant stat category. Here's how it broke down, with the Dream Team on the left and the current team on the right:

Points: 22.8 - 21.5
Rebounds: 8.3 - 6.5
Assists: 5.9 - 4.8
Steals: 1.8 - 1.4
Blocks: 1.2 - .5
Field Goal %: 50.5 - 48.1

The most significant difference you can see is the discrepancy in rebounds and blocked shots, further proving the current USA team's lack of size. Adding Anthony Davis would help those numbers, but not significantly enough to make them close.

These numbers just further show why no one has a chance against the Dream Team. Every player is in the Hall of Fame besides Christian Laettner. They won by an average of 48.3 points. That doesn't even seem reasonable. Charles Barkley shot 71.1% from the field during the '92 Olympics (plus 7 of 8 from three..?). They were absurd.

Numbers can't tell you everything, but they can further prove what we already know: no one is beating the Dream Team. People like to say "Well who would guard Russell Westbrook?" How about that Michael Jordan guy who averaged 4.6 steals per game during the Olympics? Or maybe they can let him into the paint to deal with David Robinson and Patrick Ewing (4.5 and 3.0 blocks the season before the Olympics).
Blog Photo - 2012 Men's Olympic Basketball Team Stats Compared To The Dream Team
And how about the fact that the current team would be pillaged on the boards? Their only big men are Love, Chandler, and 19-year-old Anthony Davis. They'd be dealing with Hall of Fame big men David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and Karl Malone. That's not even fair. Sure, you can only play two at a time, but having four Hall of Fame big men means stamina is not an issue and they'll always be fresh.

Also, Pippen wouldn't completely shut down LeBron, but he'd give him some serious problems.

If you think that the current Olympic team even has a shot at beating the Dream Team you're out of your mind.

I'll say it one more time: no one could beat the dream team.
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8/22/12   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

If the 2012 Olympic Team even dreamed about beating the Dream Team they better wake up and apologize

8/12/12   |   scquwi1   |   1232 respect

Malone, Barkley, Ewing and Robinson would have gotten Tyson, Melo, Durant in foul trouble quick. There is no way any of those four could stop the '92s big men and Magic and Bird may not have been as quick as they once were, but Magic could still run the floor and make you look foolish which set up Bird and others where they did not have to move much. Playing D' all they had to do was switching man to zone and dare the '12 team to drive which they did not even done against teams in this Olympics.