2013 NFL Mock Draft (Second Round)

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Over the past eight seasons, 30 second-round picks have gone on to become Pro Bowlers. Here are my predictions of who will be drafted in the second round this year:

(This is only the second round of my mock draft. For the first round, click here)

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33. Jacksonville Jaguars: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

Despite the fact that new general manager David Caldwell has stated that he's not ready to give up on Blaine Gabbert, you simply can't sit around hoping for magic from your quarterback position in this league. Caldwell wants to enter camp with a four-man battle for the starting quarterback position, and I think it would serve him well to select the best available quarterback at this spot. Right now, I have Smith as my top rated quarterback.

34. Kansas City Chiefs: Mike Glennon, QB, NC State

Keep this in mind - while I don't have any quarterbacks being selected in the first round, I think there is a good chance that one of the teams selecting early in the second round get their heart set on a certain quarterback, and trades up into the late-first to lock him up. I think the Chiefs are more likely to do this than the Jaguars, who apparently want to see how the Gabbert situation pans out. Glennon is Mel Kiper's top rated quarterback, and he fills a huge need for the Chiefs.

35. Philadelphia Eagles: Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

As I noted earlier, Johnson's stock is on the rise and there is a good chance he's selected well before 35th if that trend continues. As of now, however, he has a shot at falling down to this spot, where the Eagles - who have hoards of problems on their offensive line - would love to snag him.

36. Detroit Lions: Alex Okafor, DE/OLB, Texas

The Lions just cut Kyle Vanden Bosch, and they may not be willing to pay the price of Cliff Avril, who will test the open market as free agency's top defensive end. The Lions were already in the bottom half of the league in sacks, and will likely be without their leader (Avril) and fourth leader in that category (Vanden Bosch). The Lions are in dire need of an outside presence who can rush the passer, and Okafor can fill that void.

Blog Photo - 2013 NFL Mock Draft (Second Round)37. Cincinnati Bengals (from OAK): Giovani Bernard, RB, UNC

BenJarvus Green-Ellis just had a thousand-yard season for the Bengals, but that says more about the Bengals' offensive line than it does about the Law Firm. Averaging only 3.9 yards per carry, Green-Ellis is a mediocre talent and the Bengals will look into throwing another runner into the mix this offseason. Bernard is considered by some to be the best running back in this draft class, and he can provide a boost in both the Bengals' ground attack and passing game (where Green-Ellis is essentially useless).

38. Arizona Cardinals: Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

I was considering Matt Barkley in this spot, but his average arm strength isn't the best fit for the vertical passing attack that new head coach Bruce Arians is expected to bring to the Cardinals. It's a near certainty that the Cardinals will be drafting a quarterback in the first two rounds, and whoever they get has a very realistic shot at starting next season.

39. New York Jets: Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

The Jets need skill position players, and they need them badly. They'd be reaching a little too much by drafting a running back or wide receiver with their first pick, but now is the time to pounce on the best available offensive weapon. Shonn Greene's impending departure being considered a "loss" is all you need to know about the Jets' running back situation, and Lacy is an absolute beast of a runner. I think Lacy could be the best running back in this draft class.

40. Tennessee Titans: Barrett Jones, C/OG/OT, Alabama

The Titans badly need some help on their offensive line. I watched a good amount of Titans games in 2012, and it seemed like every time I flipped to their game I was seeing Chris Johnson get swallowed up in the backfield. Jones' versatility could be the deciding factor for a team like the Titans. By drafting Jones, the Titans could continue to look for the best available offensive linemen - regardless of position - and let Jones fill in wherever he's needed.

41. Buffalo Bills: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

Bills owner Bud Adams wants a new quarterback, and new head coach Doug Marrone may have a shot at drafting his signal caller from when he was running the Syracuse football program. Russ Lande, a former NFL scout, ranks Nassib as the best player in the entire draft. While that may be a bit bold, it suggests that the Bills could be more than happy to take him here.

42. Miami Dolphins: Justin Pugh, OT, Syracuse

I have the Dolphins giving young signal caller Ryan Tannehill some help in the first round by adding Cordarrelle Patterson, but now they need to give Tannehill some help on the offensive line, especially considering the very possible departure of Jake Long. At 6'6'' and 292 pounds, Pugh has the potential to bulk up to a great size for a tackle. Though he may end up having to move inside to guard, he still projects to be a starting-caliber lineman.

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